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Advance Through the Hayden & USEF Levels Program

Our Levels Program is now an integral part of Hayden Show Jumping. The program is designed to ensure that riders are proficient in all skills necessary at a given level of riding before advancing to the next level.   This provides a safe and consistent way for riders to excel up the levels.

A rider’s level is determined upon arrival at Hayden Show Jumping and determines which lessons are appropriate for them.  In conjunction with their instructors, riders set goals and have measurable, objective, milestones to reach in order to test for entry into the next level.  At least once per year, riders must test to stay in their level or to be promoted to the next level. 

A test is like a final exam.  A rider tests at their existing level to move up and progress to the next level.  Testing takes approximately a half hour and consists of a variety of movements.  For example, at the MH-4 level, riders will be asked to canter a course of crossrails, canter on the flat without irons, and perform a number of other exercises.  At the end of the test, riders receive a verbal evaluation and review of their skills.

The levels include MH (Mickey Hayden) levels for lower level riders and USEF levels for more advanced riders.  Below is a rough description of each level.


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