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Rose Schwary, Horseback Riding Nellie Gail









In the past 14 years, I have come to appreciate Mickey and his approach to training because his program builds rider skills in a safe and fun environment that protects both horse and rider. This integrated approach is augmented by a daily list of what is needed for each horse, and is monitored carefully by Mickey himself. Vet checks, shoeing, medication, grooming, and particular work-out instructions are all defined so each horse gets what is neccessary before training begins.


Through his experience, Mickey is excellent at matching both rider and horse in a professional approach to achieve measurable results. This selection considers an individual's skill level and develops a training program which is then included on a daily training board. He might believe a simple lesson is necessary, or a big turn-out, specific schooling, lunging, or any number of techniques known to advance both horse and rider.


This comprehensive and personalized approach appeals to both beginners and professionals and allows Nellie Gail to provide the quality program they have come to expect. Mickey’s dedication to both horse and rider is evident, and he is always available to answer questions and provide valuable insights. This personal touch has been responsible for my riding progress over the years, and I would highly recommend Mickey as a trainer.


Rose Schwary, Nellie Gail Resident

Client since 1995


There is a definite family feel here with great clients, great horses, and great staff. Hayden Show Jumping is a very well run organization. The staff is knowledgeable and dependable. Mickey is a truly gifted trainer who ultimately brings out the best in both horses and riders as well as the people that work for him.


If that's not enough, the setting is absolutely beautiful. The Nellie Gail Equestrian Center is tree-filled and shady. The arenas are never crowded, and the facility is very well maintained. It's spacious with many nice amenities. This is more than a place to ride and learn; it's a peaceful place where clients come and stay a long time.


Nancy Albright

Client since 2003